Literary Soulfest Highlights a SoulFEST Special Presentation: Army overturns the conviction 110 Black Soldiers of the 3rd Battalion, 24th Infantry Regiment (also known as the Buffalo Soldiers). Literary Soulfest 2023 is gearing up to be a remarkable event, filled with a powerful celebration of history and justice. From the early days of literary parades with renowned legends Dr. Opal Lee, Frances Ray, and Emma Rogers, we now come to a momentous occasion: Celebrating Clemency for the 24th Infantry with Pastor Kyev Tatum. This extraordinary event will take place at the The Dock Bookshop in Fort Worth, Texas, on Saturday, November 18, 2023, at 12 noon. This segment of Literary SoulFEST will serve as a platform to acknowledge a significant historical injustice that has finally been rectified.

The focal point of this presentation is the Army’s recent decision to set aside the convictions of 110 Black soldiers who were wrongfully accused during the 1917 Houston Riots. This pivotal moment in history marked a turning point in the Army’s justice system, as it re-evaluated the unjust treatment of its own soldiers. The 1917 Camp Logan Mutiny sparked a series of events that resulted in the largest mass execution of injustice against its own soldiers. The subsequent investigations and trials led to the wrongful convictions of 110 Black soldiers, a grievous miscarriage of justice that has haunted the memories of the fallen soldiers and their families for over a century.

However, hope and justice are finally on the horizon. Pastor Kyev Tatum, a prominent figure in the fight for justice, will deliver a special presentation on the 1917 Houston Riots and his personal journey in shedding light on these soldiers who were wrongfully accused. Pastor Tatum, along with his congregation from the New Mount Rose Missionary Baptist Church, has been at the forefront in Fort Worth of the battle for historical awareness, recognition, redemption, and ultimately, clemency for these fallen heroes. “Correct discharges are crucial in rectifying the historical injustices faced by these soldiers, as they impact various aspects, including survivor benefits and the overall vindication of their names. The significance of this event goes beyond the mere remembrance of the fallen soldiers. One cannot overstate the importance of acknowledging and rectifying historical wrongs, ensuring that the sacrifices made by these soldiers were not in vain.” This message was made by Pastor Tatum at Hangman’s Grove in December 2022, where he conveyed the Army’s intent to correct this long-standing wrong and the group in Houston taking on this endeavor.

As we gather at Literary SoulFEST to celebrate clemency for the 24th Infantry, we celebrate the resilience, perseverance, and fortitude of those who fought tirelessly for justice. This event represents a historic milestone in the ongoing struggle for equality and the recognition of the contributions made by Black soldiers throughout history. It is a testament to the power of collective action, community support, and the relentless pursuit of truth.

Literary Soulfest 2023 promises to be an immersive experience, filled with reflective moments, storytelling, and an opportunity to honor the memory of the brave soldiers who suffered an unjust fate. Pastor Kyev Tatum’s special presentation on the 1917 Houston Riots, coupled with the Army’s groundbreaking decision to set aside all 110 convictions, marks a milestone in the journey towards justice for these soldiers.

As the Literary SoulFEST community comes together to commemorate and celebrate the clemency for the 24th Infantry, may this event serve as a reminder of the indomitable spirit of those who fought for justice and the importance of never forgetting the past as we shape a more equitable future. Let us join hands, hearts, and voices to ensure that the sacrifices of these soldiers live on in our collective memory, and that justice is served, even if it comes a century too late.