Are you ready to discover some amazing brands at Literary SoulFEST? Get ready to embrace the beauty of African heritage, immerse yourself in Black culture, and indulge in the world of literature. Let’s explore some of the favorite brands that will be showcased at the festival – Ebonyopoly, Afropop Socks, So Amazing! Black Culture, and Royalty Reads.

Ebonyopoly: Bringing Fun and Education Together

What is Ebonyopoly? Ebonyopoly is the new board game that has taken the nation by storm. This game has garnered attention from coast to coast and has been featured on major networks.
Why is Ebonyopoly Unique? This board game brings together endless fun and education. From the captivating cover to the inclusion of QR codes, Ebonyopoly offers a memorable gaming experience. The QR codes provide valuable insights into the properties in the game, adding an educational element to the entertainment.

Afropop Socks: Embrace African Inspired Designs

What is Afropop Socks? Afropop Socks is a London-based brand that comprises designers with African heritage. They are passionate about creating African-inspired designs while incorporating vibrant and contemporary colors for every occasion.
Why Choose Afropop Socks? If you’re looking for trendy, ethnic, and tribal-inspired socks, Afropop Socks is the perfect choice. Drawing inspiration from African tribal patterns, their socks feature vibrant and full-color designs that will add a touch of pep to your step. Whether you’re a man, woman, or kid, Afropop Socks has a range of designs and even sock gift sets to choose from. Made with a combed cotton blend, these socks are soft and comfortable, ensuring a pleasant wearing experience.

So Amazing! Black Culture: Celebrating Black Excellence

What is So Amazing! Black Culture Word Search Book? The So Amazing! Black Culture Word Search Book is not just a book; it’s a fun and relaxing way to celebrate Black culture, practice self-care, and keep your mind sharp. This book, part of a series, amplifies and celebrates the talent, achievements, coolness, creativity, and sense of humor that make Black culture so special.
What Makes So Amazing! Black Culture Word Search Book Special? The book offers unique and cool categories like “Activist Athletes,” “Black Love In Real Life,” and “Astronauts.” Get ready to be inspired, laugh, and feel seen and heard. Unlike other word search books, So Amazing! Black Culture Word Search Books are curated to be relevant and tell a story. The puzzle headlines are linked to the search words, providing insights and adding depth to your word search experience. So grab your book, a highlighter, sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey through the vibrant world of Black culture.

Royalty Reads: Where Literature and Royalty Merge

What Does Royalty Reads Offer? Royalty Reads offers Message Wear and a Book Subscription Box. Embrace the adventure within as Royalty Reads invites kings and queens to conquer new worlds and craft their own literary empires.
Why Choose Royalty Reads? Unleash your regal wisdom and let Royalty Reads adorn your threads. Expand your mind and reign over knowledge with their carefully curated book selection. Each turn of the page builds your own kingdom of literature because true power lies in the books we embrace. Rule the world with words and wear Royalty Reads with pride.

With these favorite brands at Literary SoulFEST, you can immerse yourself in the vibrant world of African heritage, celebrate Black culture, and indulge in the beauty of literature. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore these unique offerings and experience the magic they bring. See you there!